Bridgecon operate’s under the SHE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM


Safety is an absolute priority for Bridgecon. We care for the safety and wellbeing of all employees and visitors to our business.
Our commitment to achieving best practise standards and performance in occupational health and safety will underpin the
creation and maintenance of a healthy and safe workplace for all employees, stakeholders and visitors.

Every site shall have processes in place to identify, communicate and meet these standards.

All members of the business shall be held accountable for their part in health and safety
which will be reflected in performance reviews.


Bridgecon is committed to minimising the environmental footprint of its business activities.

Bridgecon shall maintain an integrated Environment Management System to focus on
preserving and protecting the environment, compliance with legislation, prevention of
pollution and the health and wellbeing of our workplace and the community in which we

The requirements of this system shall be bought to success through the commitment and
involvement of all staff, based on training and education.

Bridgecon is dedicated to ensuring that its products and services fully meet the specified requirements for the natural use
and intended lifetime.Achieving a high level of satisfaction to customers and all other interested parties at all times.


Bridgecon is committed to working together with clients and other interested
in its products and service and continually striving for improvements in our quality management systems.
Determining all aspects of its activities that it can control or influence with particular consideration to
produce life cycle.

Bridgecon is committed to operating under the disciplines of control of integrated management system conforming to the
standards of iso 9001,4801,14001 and ccf standards planned and developed with our management systems.

Bridgecon has never had an environmental incident and has had 0 injuries in any of our sites since the business was established.